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On Assignment (Thursday 1st December 2022 Episode 10 on ITV1)



On Assignment

Tonight Thursday 1st December 2022 the show On Assignment airs a new episode.

Tonight, Thursday 1st December 2022, the episode Episode 10 airs at 23:00 on ITV1.

Episode Summary

It has been ten years since the Connecticut shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School sent shockwaves across the globe. Reporter Robert Moore goes back to Newtown, where he covered the massacre at the time, and meets two parents who lost children in the tragedy.

Airdate and Episode Count

Thursday 1st December 2022 at 23:00 on ITV1

Season 9 Episode 10

Show Info

On Assignment presents in-depth reports from around the world and the stories behind the headlines. Fronted by Rageh Omaar, ITV News’s award-winning team of specialist journalist contribute to the programme.

Featured image credit: ITV1