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One Of Us: Glenarvon Loch (BBC-1 6 Sep 2016)



One Of Us

In Glenarvon Loch, episode three of this incredibly tense four parter, the police are closing in on the two families which leads to a shocking confession. Claire makes an intriguing discovery, while Juliet’s life is thrown into turmoil.

As the Elliot and Douglas families gather for Adam and Grace’s funeral a mysterious discovery could turn the case on its head.

Highly suspicious of the two families, Detective Juliet interviews both Louise and Bill and finds a hole in their story. Things take a turn for the worse when Jamie decides to take matters into his own hands and contacts the police.

And so we thought Joe was in for the high jump with the way last week’s episode ended. It looked like Claire, having said she was going to the police, really did. Turns out the police turning up was another layer being unravelled.

More unravelling too, although in reality it is more weaving than unravelling, with Moira and Alistair embroiled in an affair which, despite the murders, is still going on. Funnily enough for all the tenseness it is the quiet moments that resonate strongest although having said that there is one massive moment that comes out of nowhere and will have you gasping.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 23 August 2016 at 9.00pm

Writers: Harry and Jack Williams / Director: William McGregor

Series: One Of Us Episode 3 of 4

Juliet Stevenson as Louise Elliot
Joanna Vanderham as Claire Elliot
Laura Fraser as Juliet
Joe Dempsie as Rob Elliot
John Lynch as Bill Douglas
Georgina Campbell as Anna
Julie Graham as Moira Douglas
Cristian Ortega as Jamie Douglas
Steve Evets as Andrew
Gary Lewis as Alistair
Adrian Edmondson as Peter
Kate Dickie as Sal
Cristian Ortega as Jamie Douglas
Gilly Gilchrist as Charlie Fuller
Georgina Campbell as Anna
Kate Bracken as Grace Douglas
Jeremy Neumark Jones as Adam Elliot
Isis Hainsworth as Maddy
Sean Corcoran as Ant
James McAnerney as Police officer
Sarah McCardie as Police officer
David Leith as Police officer
Dominic Watters as Police officer