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One Of Us: The Storm (BBC-1 23 Aug 2016)



In The Storm there is a massive shock in store for two families living on nearby farms in a remote Scottish Highlands village when newly weds Adam and Grace (Adam is the son from one family and Grace the daughter from the other) are horrifically murdered in Edinburgh. Still struggling to come to terms with what has happened the families are even more disturbed when, during a fierce storm, the murderer (we know who he is from the get go) crashes his car on the road outside the farms.

Supremely tense especially once the killer turns up on the doorstep. You think that it’s going to be a killer amongst us type scenario and then he too is just as brutally murdered and we are in more traditional whodunnit territory. With the killer dead in a barn, clearly killed by someone in the two families, the Elliot’s and the Douglas’s have to decide whether to call the police or cover things up. Events are taken out of their hands when Bill, head of the Douglas household, gets a call from the police to say they will be calling in to see them.

A thoroughly entertaining opening episode with enough going on to leave you highly intrigued with how the story will play out. There is also a subplot involving the cop, Juliet, who is investigating the murders of Adam and Grace, selling drugs on a large scale to finance a vital operation for her seriously ill daughter. Juliet is played by Laura Fraser who appeared in Breaking Bad as Lydia Rodarte-Quayle who ends up helping Walter White source supplies for his drug operation. There is also a development with Adrian Edmondson’s Peter – he is the ex-husband of Louise Elliot and shows no emotion whatsoever when he learns his son and daughter-in-law have been murdered.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 23 August 2016 at 9.00pm

Writers: Harry and Jack Williams / Director: William McGregor

Series: One Of Us Episode 1 of 4

Juliet Stevenson as Louise Elliot
Joanna Vanderham as Claire Elliot
Laura Fraser as Juliet
Joe Dempsie as Rob Elliot
John Lynch as Bill Douglas
Georgina Campbell as Anna
Julie Graham as Moira Douglas
Cristian Ortega as Jamie Douglas
Steve Evets as Andrew
Gary Lewis as Alistair
Adrian Edmondson as Peter
Kate Dickie as Sal
Cristian Ortega as Jamie Douglas
Gilly Gilchrist as Charlie Fuller
Georgina Campbell as Anna
Jeremy Neumark Jones as Adam Elliot
Kate Bracken as Grace Douglas
Anne Kidd as Meredith
Owen Whitelaw as Lee Walsh
Chris Fulton asJay
Elizabeth Healey as Leah
Isis Hainsworth as Maddy
Beth Marshall as Helen
Matthew Zajac asMinister Mathews
James Harkness as Matt
Gordon Alexander as Man in suit