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The Onedin Line: Mutiny (BBC-1 24 Dec 1971, John Thaw)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

More problems for James in Mutiny, he has chartered a ship to transport fruit but the crew have mutinied at Brest claiming the captain has gone mad. James needs to act quickly to save the cargo and the life of the captain. His problem lies in trying to discover whether the crew are lying or if the captain is.

Once James has taken over command of the ship things settle down somewhat and the crew agrees to return to England. First mate Carby, the chief instigator of the mutiny, then shows James evidence that someone is trying to sabotage the ship.

On home front Elizabeth has a moment when she and Albert run in to Daniel Fogarty in town. Fogarty says nothing about the baby but later turns up at Elizabeth’s house. Anne and Robert only make a short appearance in this episode once James arrives home.

Something of a fabulous cast in this one, John Thaw is the mate leading the mutiny, Iain Cuthbertson is the captain confined to quarters and who does turn out to be somewhat mad. John Abineri from Survivors also pops up.

classic quote
“We don’t care about your cargo Onedin. Take my advice. If you want it – eat it.”

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 24 December 1971 at 10.15pm

Writer: Ian Kennedy Martin / Production Design: Jeremy Bear / Director: David Cunliffe

Series: The Onedin Line Season 1 Episode 11

John Abineri as Lescaut
Peter Gilmore as James
John Thaw as Carby
Kevin Stoney as Vandoorne
Robert Fyfe as Evans
Lawrence Douglas as Loog
Rio Fanning as Castle
Brian Rawlinson as Robert
Jessica Benton as Elizabeth
Anne Stallybrass as Anne
Philip Bond as Albert Frazer
Iain Cuthbertson as Captain Kirkwood
Michael Billington as Daniel Fogarty
David Morrell as Pilot