The Onedin Line: Shadow of Doubt (BBC-1 14 Jan 1972)

In Shadow of Doubt at a party to celebrate William’s first birthday Robert puts his foot very much in it when he remarks how much little “Daniel” looks like his father. Albert Frazer very quickly puts two and two together and determines that the truth will come out. In a confrontation Elizabeth finally tells Frazer the truth. Then William falls ill…

Meanwhile Callon has made Fogarty his marine superintendent which means he will be based on dry land and be forced to dealing with the Frazers on a regular basis.

Robert and Sarah pay a visit to Sarah’s brother and his wife and find they have fallen on hard times. They are keen to emigrate to Canada (on a ship diue to shortly leave) but they don’t have the £10 needed to pay for the passage. Robert decides to help but fails to tell James. Luckily he has an ace up his sleeve – all Onedin family members are entitled to travel free on any ship owned by the Onedin Line. Trouble flares on voyage when smallpox breaks out.

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Michael Billington as Daniel Fogarty and Edward Chapman as Callon.

classic quote
“Anne when will you stop trying to be my conscience.”

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 14 January 1972 at 9.20pm

Writer: Cyril Abraham / Production Design: Oliver Bayldon / Director: Ben Rea

Series: The Onedin Line Season 1 Episode 13

Peter Gilmore as James Onedin
Anne Stallybrass as Anne
Brian Rawlinson as Robert
Edward Chapman as Callon
Howard Lang as Mr Baines
James Hayter as Captain Webster
Philip Bond as Albert Frazer
Jessica Benton as Elizabeth
Mary Webster as Sarah
Michael Billington as Daniel Fogarty
Alexander Duckworth as William Frazer
Alan Tucker as Jeremy Stirling
Joanna Cooper as Kate Stirling
Walter Horsbrugh as Doctor
Terence Lodge as Dugald McCaig

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