Orange Is The New Black: Thirsty Bird (6 June 2014)

Thirsty Bird

In season opener Thirsty Bird Piper is woken from solitary and transferred to a prison in Chicago, she doesn’t know why but she thinks it’s because she killed Pennsatucky. When Piper sees Alex is in the same prison she gets a note to her and manages to arrange a meeting. Piper is incredibly relieved to discover that she has only been moved to testify (with Alex) against drug boss Kubra. Alex wants Piper to lie about even knowing Kubra fearing reprisals if they admit to knowing him. Piper refuses to lie.

A strong start to the season, at the beginning it looks like Piper has been transferred to maximum security for killing Pennsatucky but we learn via Alex that she is still alive. Despite wanting to admit to knowing Kubra Piper lies under oath mainly because of her feelings for Alex. Larry’s father, who is acting as Piper’s lawyer at the hearing, is disgusted and tells her he is finished with helping her.

Flashbacks focus on Piper as a child, her insecurities seeming to stem from discovering her father is having an affair. They also serve to show how against lying she is. There is also a flashback showing just how much Piper and Alex were involved with Kubra.

Lori Petty who plays Lolly Whitehill makes her first appearance in this episode and becomes a regular from season three onwards.

classic quote
“I made a decision that I don’t expect you to understand.”

production details
USA / Netflix – Liongate – Tilted / 1×60 minute episode / Release date 6 June 2014

Writers: Tara Herrmann, Jenji Kohan / Director: Jodie Foster

Series: Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Episode 1

Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman
Rebecca Drysdale as Mazall
Brian Haley as US Marshal Anderson
Lori Petty as Lolly Whitehill
Deborah Rush as Carol Chapman
Todd Susman as Howard Bloom
Laura Prepon as Alex Vause
Lolita Foster as Eliqua Maxwell
Bill Hoag as Bill Chapman
Mary Looram as Celeste Chapman
Ito Aghayere as Scowly Inmate
Peter Albrink as Mountain Inmate
Rachel Barrish as Jessica
Warren Bub as US Marshal Carhart
Ryan Castro as Spongie
Yvette Monique Clark as Regina
John Cramer as CO Feld
Samantha Blaire Cutler as Sara
Rogelio Douglas Jr. as Darius McRae
Judy Del Giudice as Felicia
Darlene Dues as Joyce
Solly Duran as Araceli
Clare Foley as Young Piper
Amelia Fowler as Imposing Inmate
Tara Godomski as Escort CO
Norm Golden as Judge
Trae Harris as Spitty Inmate
Roy Jackson as CO Mango
Robert Kirk as Federal Bus Driver
Sebastian LaCause as Fahri
Matthew Lawler as US Marshall Front
Neal Lerner as Prosecutor
Olivia Luccardi as Jennifer Digori
Alex Maizus as Older Teen
Melissa McMeekin as Corrine Hill
Pamela Monroe as CO Gaines
Justin Gerald Morck as Van Driver
Kevin Nagle as School Bus Driver
Deborah Offner as Cracked Out Inmate
Adam Pagdon as US Marshal Otis
Horace V. Rogers as Court Marshal
Angel Rosa as US Marshal Bream
Jason Salmon as Midwest Inmate
Owen Shaw as Ryan
Scott Siegel as Menacing CO
Eyas Younis as Kubra
Theo van Golen as Young Cal

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