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Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit: Episode 3 (S1EP3 BBC2 24 Jan 1990, Pam Ferris)



Episode 3: Jess, one year older and seemingly rehabilitated, returns to grace, taking Pastor Finch’s sermon at the Blackpool Beach Mission. She meets Katy who replaces Melanie in her affections when it becomes obvious that Melanie has put the past behind her. Her one true friend Elsie is ailing and Cissy Fields, the local undertaker, takes her in when Mother and flock disown her, finally deciding that she is lost. But Jess dreams of books and Oxford.

Regular Cast: Charlotte Coleman (Jess), Margery Withers (Elsie), Peter Gordon (William), Geraldine McEwan (Mother), Pam Ferris (Mrs Arkwright), Kenneth Cranham (Paston Finch), Emily Aston (Small Jess), Elizabeth Spriggs (May), Freda Dowie (Mrs Green), Barbara Hicks (Cissy), Cathryn Bradshaw (Melanie), Celia Imrie (Miss Jewsbury).

Guest Cast: Richard Henders (Graham), Mark Aspinall (Ian), Tania Rodrigues, Ken Kitson, James Duggan, Maggie Lane, Mandy Walsh, Norma Shebbeare

Writer: Jeanette Winterson / Director: Beeban Kidron

Airdate: 24 Jan 1990 on BBC2

Series: Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: Three part BBC period drama serial. Young Jess, product of a highly religious background, grows up in 1960’s Lancashire with growing doubts about her sexuality.