The Organization: Eve and Rodney Spurling (ITV 30 Apr 1972, with John Shrapnel)

In Eve and Rodney Spurling press officer Rodney Spurling is in trouble yet again with the Chairman over an ad with a misprint appearing in The Guardian newspaper. Worse to come is a forthcoming article on the Chairman in The Observer which seems to spend a lot of time focusing on the Chairman’s immense wealth. Something the Chairman detests appearing in print.

However Rodney is concerned that both head of PR David Pulman and colleague Eve seem to be taking rather more of an interest in his welfare than they usually do.

David is sure that once the article comes out The Chairman will want to sack Spurling and hatches a plan for Eve to talk to John Winborne (the author of the article) about changing the article. Winborne himself doesn’t want to drop Rodney “in it” and would be happy to change it. Eve, the player that she is, tells him to leave it as is. Eve has her own reasons which involve Rodney leaving Greatrick for a better paid position elsewhere. She genuinely does want Rodney to move up in the world. He lives in fear of the Chairman and the job offer he gets even includes a company car but in the end Spurling, despite getting a severe dressing down over the Observer article, is unable to leave Greatrick behind.

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Meanwhile Richard Pershore is starting to find his feet in the PR department and is showing rather an interest in Pullman’s secretary Veronica.

Eve the player.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 30 April 1972 at 10.15pm

Writer: Philip Mackie / Production Design: Jane Martin / Director: James Ormerod

Series: The Organization Season 1 Episode 3

Peter Egan as Richard Pershore
Donald Sinden as David Pulman
Elaine Taylor as Veronica
Jill Melford as Eve
Bernard Hepton as Rodney Spurling
Anton Rodgers as Peter Frame
Jo Kendall as Daphne
Beth Morris as Heather
Ruth Trouncer as Tessa Spurling
Peter Stephens as Ronnie Travers
John Shrapnel as John Winborne
Desmond Gill as Jeremy

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