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The Organization: Ken Grist and Eve (ITV 23 Apr 1972, with Norman Bird)



The Organization Ken Grist Vs Eve

In Ken Grist and Eve, Ken has been fired by the Greatrick Organization. Unfortunately he hasn’t told his wife yet and he also doesn’t seem to have told himself. He is still turning up for work everyday and making a bit of a nuiscance of himself. He also thinks he has a lunch arranged with David Pulman but Pulman tells Eve she has to go instead and make it plain to Grist he is not to turn up at Greatrick anymore.

Over brandy in a club Ken tells Eve that he knows she got her job thanks to an affair with David. Ken decided to keep his mouth shut and save David’s job. The funny thing is that it was the chairman himself Eve had the affair with. It’s also the Chairman who want’s Ken gone.

The Organization Ken Grist Vs Eve

Donald Sinden is David Pullman.

Most of the action of the episode is centred around Ken Grist and his lunch/drinks with Eve. He is genuinely unwilling to hear a word said against the omniscient chairman or Greatrick itself. Eve rather cleverly saves the situation and leaves Ken feeling better about being “let go” by Greatrick.

classic quote
“I tried to sew back on just a tiny piece of his balls.”

The Organization Ken Grist Vs Eve

Despite being sacked Ken can’t stay away from The Organization.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 23 April 1872 at 10.20pm

Writer: Philip Mackie / Production Design: Jane Martin / Director: Christopher Hodson

Series: The Organization Episode 2 (of 7)

Donald Sinden as David Pulman
Anton Rodgers as Peter Frame
Peter Egan as Richard Pershore
Bernard Hepton as Rodney Spurling
Elaine Taylor as Veronica
Jill Melford as Eve
Norman Bird as Ken Grist
Hilda Braid as Mrs Grist
Dorothy Gordon as Beryl
Pearl Catlin as Barmaid
Chris Achilles as Waiter