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The Organization: Peter Frame and Veronica (ITV 14 May 1972, with Sharon Mughan)



The Organization Peter Frame and Veronica

In Peter Frame and Veronica, David Pulman feels that Peter Frame needs a redefining of his job description and intends to use the rest of the department to make it happen. Frame’s latest project involves the possible sponsorship of a symphony orchestra – it would be a really money pit and could be a disaster – an outcome David wouldn’t mind at all. His real idea is to put Peter in charge of special projects and move Veronica (who is asking for a raise) sideways into doing more of the admin side of Peter’s job.

Richard, who is developing a major thing for Veronica, finds himself dragged into Pulman’s plan. Veronica isn’t keen on her new title of Administrative Assistant and would prefer Administration Executive – she gets her way – after all she knows where the bodies are buried (metaphorically speaking).

The Organization Peter Frame and Veronica

Peter Frame (Anton Rodgers) tries to entice RIchard Pershore (Peter Egan) with his Symphony Orchestra sponsorship plan.

At the heart of every episode is the sneaky, ever so polite back stabbing and double dealing that mostly seems to give Pulman more power.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 14 May 1972 at 10.30pm

Writer: Philip Mackie / Production Design: Jane Martin / Director: James Ormerod

Series: The Organization Episode 5 of 7

The Organization Peter Frame and Veronica

Veronica and Richard try and cover for Peter who is avoiding the advertising and marketing departments.

Peter Egan as Richard Pershore
Donald Sinden as David Pulman
Elaine Taylor as Veronica
Jill Melford as Eve
Bernard Hepton as Rodney Spurling
Anton Rodgers as Peter Frame
Beth Morris as Heather
Jon Laurimore as Johnny Watt
Sharon Mughan as Rosemary
Nicholas Selby as Director of Administration
Julian Sherrier as Christopher Trent
Alan Bennion as Leslie Harbod
Susan Glanville as Margo