The Organization: Veronica and Mr Pulman (ITV 21 May 1972)

In Veronica and Mr Pulman Dr Ducker’s psychological evaluation is in and it’s not looking good for David Pulman. Ducker has remarked that there is too much criticism downward and not enough upward. The chairman insists that David can no longer criticise the department but they must have regular sessions where they criticise him. What Eve, Richard and Co haven’t counted on is that the criticism starts at the bottom and they too are in the firing line.

Richard gets rather too friendly with Eve after telling her he is fed up with being fed up (mostly over Veronica).

Naturally enough it’s not long before everyone realises that the game can be played to their own ends. Of course the biggest player of all is Pulman himself.

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Meanwhile it looks like Veronica and Richard might finally be getting somewhere with their on-off relationship.

Each episode of The Organization is like a game of chess, all the players pieces on the board, advancing or retreating as needs arise, with Pulman as the King directing the action. Even if not everyone realises it!

It’s time for the department to say what it really thinks about David – and yes they all think he’s a jolly splendid chap. Their job is on the line if they say otherwise!
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production details
UK/ ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 21 May 1972 at 10.15pm

Writer: Philip Mackie / Production Design: Jane Martin / Director: Christopher Hodson

Series: The Organization Episode 6 of 7

Donald Sinden as David Pulman
Elaine Taylor as Veronica
Peter Egan as Richard Pershore
Bernard Hepton as Rodney Spurling
Jill Melford as Eve
Anton Rodgers as Peter Frame
Jon Laurimore as Johnny Watt
Beth Morris as Heather
Myra Frances as Lil
Sharon Mughan as Rosemary
Susan Glanville as Margo
Gretchen Franklin as Edna
Jo Kendall as Daphne

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