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Original Crave Comedy Pillow Talk Premieres Thurs 10 Feb



Exploring Relationships Behind Closed Doors, Crave’s New Original Comedy PILLOW TALK Premieres on February 10

From laughter and love, to quibbles, quarrels, squabbles, and spats, the all-new Crave Original docucomedy series PILLOW TALK, is a fly-on-the-wall look at the daily dilemmas faced by couples, families, and friends in the confines of their home. Produced in association with KOTV Productions, all 10 episodes of PILLOW TALK drop on Thursday, Feb. 10, only on Crave.

An adaptation of Noovo’s popular French-language series ENTRE DEUX DRAPS, created by Matthieu Pepper and François St-Amant, PILLOW TALK takes place entirely in bedrooms, and explores in a raw and unexpected way, the drama and hilarity experienced by couples in the intimacy of the bedroom.

The series features four real-life couples and one set of roommates, playing fictionalized versions of themselves, an idea born of the COVID-19 pandemic. The cast includes: Nicola Correia-Damude (SHADOWHUNTERS) and Carlos Gonzalez-Vio (THE EXPANSE, ORPHAN BLACK) as a married couple, Vicki and Marco, enduring their precocious child; Adam DiMarco (THE ORDER, and recently cast in the second installment of HBO series THE WHITE LOTUS) and Sydney Scotia (LIMITED EDITION) as Andy and Lydia, a young couple who recently moved in together; Andrew Wheeler (SUPERNATURAL) and Sharon Crandall (The Kid Detective) as Luke and Mia, a newly dating couple with an age gap; and couple Paolo Santalucia (KIM’S CONVENIENCE) and Gregory Prest (Angels in America) as JP and Simon, a couple navigating career challenges. Additional cast members are Chris Robinson (WORKIN’ MOMS) and Kwasi Thomas (SNOWPIERCER) as new roommates.

In the series premiere entitled “Fresh Starts” (Thursday, Feb. 10), everyone has their own relationship to intimacy. Vicki and Marco don’t have much left at all, Thomas confides in the service guy from Bell, Luke traumatizes Mia with his past, and Lydia displays herself for anyone and everyone to see.

After the critical and ratings success of the first season, where it was a Top 10 series on Noovo, and received two Prix Gémeaux awards for Best Comedy Series and Best Cast in a Comedy in 2021, ENTRE DEUX DRAPS Season 2 continues it’s stellar performance as a Top 5 series on Noovo and since debuting last fall. Season 2 of ENTRE DEUX DRAPS also joins Crave on Thursday, Feb. 10.

Pillow Talk Premieres Thursday 10 February 2022 on Crave.