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Our Lives: Supergran and the Garden of Justice (S5EP18 BBC One Friday 17 June 2022)



Supergran and the Garden of Justice: This film follows Dena Murphy, the wise-cracking 93 year-old helping young offenders back onto the straight and narrow, when they’ve been sent to work on the allotment in Manchester, via the Community Payback scheme.

The scheme sends suitable offenders to the allotment, where they will work off their court-allocated hours. Dena uses the time as an opportunity to make a difference in their lives, to encourage them to take a different path towards being a valuable member of society. But ultimately it’s up to the ‘paybacker’ whether they want to change or not – and Dena knows she can’t win every time.

Filmed across six Saturdays in spring 2022, the film follows Dena, her right-hand man (and the scheme’s supervisor) Richard, and one of their new recruits. Aged just 19, this new recruit admits he has made mistakes in the past. He struggles to engage with the scheme, is late and fails to turn up a couple of times.

But Dena and Richard are patient and determined to help him get on the straight and narrow, with Dena providing the encouragement and Richard some career advice. Will they succeed in getting through to him?

Airdate: Friday 17 June 2022 at 19:30 on BBC One

Season 5 Episode 18

Our Lives is a collection of programmes celebrating the diversity of our society.