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Our Lives: We Are Strong Women (S6EP17 BBC One Monday 12 September 2022)



We Are Strong Women

We Are Strong Women: Officially, Sam and Sue are two of the strongest women on the planet. Sam, 44, is the third strongest woman in the world for her age, and Sue, 54, holds the British Masters deadlift record. Ollie, an 11-year-old who is also one of their mothers, is their biggest admirer.

Despite having difficult pasts, Sam and Sue have greatly benefited from meeting one another and becoming part of the Strong Woman community. Sue, one of the older competitors, is aware that her days of heavy lifting are numbered but still wants to compete alongside Sam in her home country at Wales’s Strongest Woman.

Sue’s old knee injury becomes a major issue as the training ramps up and the competition date approaches, forcing her to seek medical advice. Sam and Sue open up about what the Strong Woman community means to them and how it has improved their lives. The Strong Woman community is about more than just lifting mind-blowing weights.

Airdate: Monday 12 September 2022 at 20:00 on BBC One

Season 6 Episode 17

Our Lives is a collection of programmes celebrating the diversity of our society.