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Outmatched: Royal Rumble (S1EP10 Season finale FOX Thurs 26 Mar 2020)



Royal Rumble: When Mike and Kay get caught in a lie about Leila’s birthdate, they offer to throw her a party with a theme of her choice, but have trouble keeping their ideas to themselves. Meanwhile, Brian, Nicole and Marc try to come to terms with the news that Rita and Irwin would be their guardians should something happen to Mike and Kay.

Season finale.

Cast: Jason Biggs as Mike, Maggie Lawson as Kay, Tisha Campbell as Rita, Finesse Mitchell as Irwin, Ashley Boettcher as Nicole, Connor Kalopsis as Brian, Jack Stanton as Marc and Oakley Bull as Leila.

Airdate: Thursday 26 March 2020 at 8.30pm on FOX.

Season 1 Episode 10