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Oxbridge Blues: He’ll See You Now (S1EP4 BBC Two 28 Nov 1984, Susan Sarandon)



He’ll See You Now: An actress goes to a psychiatrist for help with her confused love life.

Cast:  Susan Sarandon (Natalie Carlsen), Barry Dennen (Doctor Stein), Lou Hirsch (Sidney), Philip O’Brien (Polska), Nancy Roberts (Mrs Stein), Andrea Browne (Marcia), Jeff Harding (Rick’s Voice)

Writer: Frederic Raphael / Director: Frederic Raphael

Airdate: 28 Nov 1984 on BBC Two

Series: Oxbridge Blues Season 1 Episode 4

Show Info: An anthology of linked plays about the lives of various people with Oxford and Cambridge as a theme running through them. The casts were pretty distinguished and included Ian Charleson, Amanda Redman, Michael Elphick, Malcolm Stoddard, Clifford Rose and Rosalyn Landor.