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Ozark: The Badger (S2EP9 Netflix Fri 31 Aug 2018)



Picture of Ozark The Badger.

The Badger: Marty finds a way around the Snells. Charlotte hires a lawyer. The Byrdes get a meeting with the gaming commission, whose approval comes with a big ask.

guest cast
Janet McTeer as Helen Pierce
Maryann Urbano as Barb Petty
Mary Shaw as Gene Bracken
Trevor Long as Cade Langmore
Nelson Bonilla as Nelson
Carson Holmes as Three Langmore
Darren Goldstein as Charles Wilkes
Robert C. Treveiler as Sheriff John Nix
Kevin L. Johnson as Sam Dermody
Tess Malis Kincaid as SAC Clay

Writer: Paul Kolsby
Writer: Martín Zimmerman
Director of Photography: Ben Kutchins

Original Airdate: Fri 31 Aug 2018 on Netflix
Series: Ozark Season 2 Episode 9