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Pandora: Gates of Eden (S2EP3 The CW Sun 18 Oct 2020)



Gates of Eden: Jax (Priscilla Quintana) and the team visit the distant planet where Professor Osborn (Noah Huntley) first discovered Jax as an infant during the Earth-Zatarian War in an attempt to find the Ancients in the hopes of saving our Universe; but is dealt a tragic blow when Ralen (Ben Radcliffe) suffers a loss that will change him forever.

Oliver Dench, Tina Casciani, Akshay Kumar, Nicole Mavromatis and Vikash Bhai also star.

Chris LeDoux directed the episode written by Steve Kriozere.

Airdate: Sun 18 Oct 2020 at 8.00pm on The CW

Season 2 Episode 3