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Park Ranger: Contest (ITV 7 Mar 1979, with Dulcie Houston)



Park Ranger: Contest ITV 1979

In Contest American brother and sister Gail and Kenny turn up to take part in a hang-gliding competition happening in the park. Gail, who is acting like the archetypal spoilt brat is soon getting on everybody’s nerves. Meanwhile local farmer Elijah is organising a petition to get the competition banned all together.

Gail is extremely annoying and very possibly mentally unhinged, even going so far as to wreck Paul’s chances in the competition because her brother “is the best”. She then goes off in a rage, crashes her sports car and nearly kills herself, her brother as well as Paul and Katie in a landslide (cue a very unrealistic rock fall where all the boulders look suspiciously light and round).

Paul and Katie are getting along a little better now that he has settled in somewhat. Meanwhile David is barely in this episode having gone to London on business.

production details
UK / ITV – Southern / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 7 March 1979 at 4.45pm

Writer: Brian Finch

Series: Park Ranger Episode 3 (of 6)

Norman Bowler as David Martin
Richard Gibson as Paul Graham
Jane West as Katie Jackson
Jenny Logan as Margaret Jackson
Dulcie Houston as Gail
John Green as Kenny
Reg Lye as Elijah
Mike McStay as Colin
Anthony Bekenn as George