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Park Ranger: Fire (ITV 28 Mar 1979, with Bernice Stegers)



Park Ranger ITV 1979

In Fire, the final episode of Park Ranger, a group of young campers create chaos on the Park when a fire isn’t put out properly and starts to spread and very quickly starts to get out of control.

Paul’s aunt Carol has turned up to try and persuade him to move back to London and join the family publishing businesss, she has a pretty tempting offer on the table for him – helping to set up the New York office.

Yet another tense exciting episode, especially when it looks like Katie is going to get trapped inside the Fire ring. Luckily Paul is on hand to help organise her rescue. It also makes up his mind about whether to go

classic quote
“Scramble Nigel, fire in Roedale Woods.”

production details
UK / ITV – Southern / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 28 March 1979 at 4.45pm

Writer: Roy Russell

Series: Park Ranger Season 1 Episode 6

Norman Bowler as David Martin
Richard Gibson as Paul Graham
Jane West as Katie Jackson
Jenny Logan as Margaret Jackson
Bernice Stegers as Carol
Luke Hanson as Barton
Mike McStay as Colin
Hugo Myatt as Rev Bultitude