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Park Ranger: Treasure (ITV 14 Mar 1979, with John Carney)



In Treasure, a pair of crooks Vic and Derek turn up looking for a secret source of valuable mineral deposits that are possibly in the park. They are posing as ecologists and rather unwisely decide to stay with old farmer Elijah instead of the Jackson’s thinking that they would be less inconspicuous there. They haven’t counted on just how nosy old Elijah is though!

The most lightweight episode so far and the first in the series not to be written by Brian Finch.

production details
UK / ITV – Southern / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 14 March 1979 at 4.45pm

Writer: Roy Russell

Series: Park Ranger Season 1 Episode 4

Norman Bowler as David Martin
Richard Gibson as Paul Graham
Jane West as Katie Jackson
Jenny Logan as Margaret Jackson
John Carney as Vic
William Maxwell as Derek
Reg Lye as Elijah
Julia Watson as Susan
Catrian Hylton as Rosemary