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Park Ranger: Waste (ITV 21 Mar 1979, with John Paul, Robert Beatty)



In Waste David has trouble on his hands when he gets caught in the conflict between conservations and the owners of a nearby nuclear power plant. David tries to remain neutral but when the water on the park looks to be contaminated he has to get involved. There is even more trouble when Rouse threatens to cause an explosion at the plant.

A couple of big name guest stars pop up in Waste with John Paul (of Doomwatch) as school teacher conservationist Dr Rowse who is leading the protest group and popular 1950’s star Robert Beatty plays logger Tom Barry.

There is a nice little bit of background about David in this episode as he tells Tom that he ha been in the job for three years and worked in the import/export business in London before that.

The episode is another good example of the strong intent of the series. This is a big subject to tackle and again one that was big news at the time. It surprisingly comes down firmly in the pro-nuclear camp with talk of it being needed because Coal and Gas won’t always be available. Clean renewable energy was clearly not on the agenda at the time.

production details
UK / ITV – Southern / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 21 March 1979 at 4.45pm

Writer: Chris McMaster

Series: Park Ranger Season 1 Episode 5

Norman Bowler as David Martin
Richard Gibson as Paul Graham
Jane West as Katie Jackson
Jenny Logan as Margaret Jackson
John Paul as Rowse
Robert Beatty as Tom Barry
Colin Rix as Sgt Morris
Mike McStay as Colin
Luke Hanson as Barton
Peter Barnes as Lorry Driver