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Parkin’s Patch: Boys (ITV 25 Nov 1969)



Boys is probably the stand out episode of Parkin’s Patch as a group of early teenage boys steal a car (belonging to the Dad of one of them) take it out, almost hit some one and think they have killed him. Determined to not give themselves up the boys go on the run but end up getting nabbed after trying to sell a transistor radio they have nicked.

The boys are a bunch of ratbags but have a real charm about them, they spend much of their time quoting from their favourite films and playing out scenes from them. The episode ends with Parkin allowing two of them a run out by a lake before taking them in and the two of them staging a re-enactment of the teach how me to dance scene from Zorba The Greek complete with musical from the film playing over the top.

The episode has a brilliant pedigree too with a script from Ian Kennedy Martin and Stephen Frears as director.

Parkin is the only regular cast member to appear.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast 25 November 1969

Writer: Ian Kennedy Martin / Director: Stephen Frears

Series: Parkin’s Patch Episode Episode 11

John Flanagan as Moss Parkin
Len Jones as Terry
David Hughes as John
Gary Ward as Don
Philip Allen as Albie
Harry Towb as Bennett
Charles Lamb as Evans
George A. Cooper as Boathouse Keeper
Ellis Dale as Pawnshop Proprietor
Valerie Dane as Bennett’s Girlfriend