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Peep Show Season 9 Episode 4 (Channel 4 2 Dec 2015 David Mitchell)



AIRDATE: Wednesday 2 December 2015 at 10.00pm on Channel 4

Season 9 Episode 4 (of 6)

Mark’s determination to get the woman of his dreams isn’t hindered by the fact that she has a husband. It even seems he’s willing to go to some quite extraordinary lengths to try to win her – including a joint trip to a skin clinic for a spot of mole-mapping – and a potential chink in her husband’s armour offers even more hope.

Jeremy on the other hand is getting a tough dose of reality from a client. And as determined as he is to not ruin his new relationship and get his life on track, it just seems that trouble follows him around.

When Super Hans asks Jez to help out a friend of his it looks like it could be a dramatic and bloody end for the El Dude Brothers.

Created by Andrew O’Connor, Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain;
Writer: Jon Brown
Director: Becky Martin
Producer: Hannah Mackay
Executive Producers: Andrew Newman, Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain
Production Company: Objective Prods