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Pennies from Heaven: Easy Come, Easy Go (S1EP3 BBC One 21 Mar 1978, Freddie Jones)



Easy Come, Easy Go: Arthur at long last returns home to his ever patient and anxious wife, Joan. She still cares enough about him to make a bargain with him that is agreeing to finance his record shop business he has always dreamed of.

Regular Cast: Bob Hoskins (Arthur Parker), Cheryl Campbell (Eileen), Gemma Craven (Joan Parker)

Guest Cast: Freddie Jones (Headmaster), Sam Avent (Pianist), Bill Dean (Alf), Kenneth Colley (Accordion Man), Philip Jackson (Dave), Michael Bilton (Dad), Spencer Banks (Maurice), Bella Emberg (Mrs Corder), Frederick Radley, Maryann Turner, Yolande Palfrey, Roger Forbes, John Malcolm, Betty Hardy, Frank Lazarus, Norman Warwick, David Rowlands

Writer: Dennis Potter / Director: Piers Haggard

Airdate: 21 Mar 1978 on BBC One

Series: Pennies from Heaven Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: 6 Part BBC period drama serial. In the 1930’s unhappy sheet music salesman Arthur Parker finds life does not the pleasures he thought it did.