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Pennies from Heaven: Says My Heart (S1EP6 BBC One 11 Apr 1978, Peter Bowles)



Says My Heart: Arthur is now wanted for murder, so he and Eileen go on the run. Although they are hungry and desperate, they are still together. They soon find a place to hide in a lonely farmhouse but Arthur makes a fatal mistake.

Regular Cast: Bob Hoskins (Arthur Parker), Cheryl Campbell (Eileen), Gemma Craven (Joan Parker)

Guest Cast: Dave King (Inspector), Peter Bowles, Steve Ubels, Philip Locke, John Ringham, Tim Swinton, Carleton Hobbs, Stanley Fleet, Hal Jeayes, Mike Savage, Roy Boyd, Noel Collins, Roger Heathcott

Writer: Dennis Potter / Director: Piers Haggard

Airdate: 11 Apr 1978 on BBC One

Series: Pennies from Heaven Season 1 Episode 6

Show Info: 6 Part BBC period drama serial. In the 1930’s unhappy sheet music salesman Arthur Parker finds life does not the pleasures he thought it did.