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Piece of Cake: Episode 6 (S1EP6 ITV 6 Nov 1988, Jeremy Northam)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Episode 6: It is August 1940 and Hornet Squadron regroup at a cliff-top air station on the South Coast of England. Morale has been low but fresh aircraft and pilots are arriving to prepare for the mighty attack that the Luftwaffe are suspected to be planning. The new boys are ribbed by the ‘old hands’ and, with the tension of constant readiness, simple pranks can easily get out of hand. But the glorious days of high summer mean that the enemy come over in endless waves, and Squadron Leader Barton has his hands full keeping the hard-pressed pilots at their sharpest.

Regular Cast: Tom Burlinson (‘Fanny’ Barton), Neil Dudgeon (‘Moggy’ Cattermole), Jack McKenzie (‘Ram’ Ramsey), Tom Radcliffe (‘Dicky’ Starr), George Anton (‘Pip’ Patterson), Gordon Lovitt (‘Sticky’ Stickwell), Gerard O’Hare (‘Flip’ Moran), Nathaniel Parker (‘Flash’ Gordon), Patrick Bailey (‘Mother’ Cox), Jeremy Northam (‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald), Mark Womack (‘Moke’ Miller), Tim Woodward (Squadron Leader Rex), Richard Hope (‘Skull’ Skeleton), David Horovitch (‘Uncle’ Kellaway)

Guest Cast: Julian Gartside, Tomek Bork, Ned Vukovic, Boyd Gaines, Brian Ralph, Gordon Salkilld

Writer: Leon Griffiths / Book: Derek Robinson / Director: Ian Toynton

Airdate: 6 Nov 1988 on ITV

Series: Piece of Cake Season 1 Episode 6

Show Info: Period drama. Twelve young RAF pilots attempt to get through the first year of the second world war.