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Pine Gap: Episode 4 (S1EP4 ABC Australia 28 Oct 2018, Tess Haubrich)



Episode 4: Jasmina discovers a secret Australia will do anything to hide, while embarrassing audio is leaked of the American President that further damages the US and Australian relationship.

Cast: Parker Sawyers (Gus Thompson), Jacqueline McKenzie (Kath Sinclair), Steve Toussaint (Ethan James), Tess Haubrich (Jasmina Delic), Stephen Curry (Jacob Kitto), Lewis Fitz-Gerald (Rudi Fox), Mark Leonard Winter (Moses Dreyfus), Sachin Joab (Simon Penny), Edwina Wren (Eloise Chambers), Alice Keohavong (Deb Vora), Simone Kessell (Belle James), Kelton Pell (Dr. Paul Dupain), Madeleine Madden (Immy Dupain),

Airdate: 28 Oct 2018 on ABC Australia

Series: Pine Gap Season 1 Episode 4

Show Info: A team of talented Australian and American intelligence analysts work together to ensure global stability in one of the world’s most important and secretive joint intelligence facilities… Pine Gap. But the relationship between the Australian and American intelligence analysts working at Pine Gap isn’t always rosy.