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Pitching In Premieres Fri 24 May on Acorn TV



In the series opener of Pitching In, recent widower, Frank Hardcastle (Larry Lamb, EastEnders), is struggling to find the energy or enthusiasm to run Daffodil Dunes Holiday Park in the picturesque North Wales coast. When his flighty daughter Carys and grandson Dylan, show up at his 71st birthday party and announce they are staying for good, Frank wonders if it’s time for him to sell and start again.

Especially as local estate agent, Iona Driscoll (Hayley Mills, The Parent Trap), has a very tempting offer for him to consider – in more ways than one. But Carys convinces her dad to let her become the park’s new manager, prompting a flurry of hare-brained schemes. Carys also has to deal with her feelings for ex-fiance Danny, who runs the local pub with his new partner, Tanya. Can she stay away from the man she jilted at the altar? (4 EPS)

Airdate: Friday 24 May 2019 on Acorn TV.

Season 1, Episode 1