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Planet Child Episode 2 airs Wed 8 May on ITV



“I know I had more freedom when I was younger but it’s a bit of a different world now, isn’t it?” Claire, mum to Leo, Abi and Harleigh

This brand new, three-part series for ITV presents a bold series of scientific experiments to delve deep into the way children experience life across Britain and the world today. Exploring key areas such as risk-taking, independence, morality and gender awareness in a range of scenarios, Planet Child seeks to further our understanding of children’s development.

Aged between four and seven years, the children’s reactions to different challenges are tested to offer an eye-opening insight into their attitudes, behaviour and just what they are capable of when left unchecked by parental supervision.

Planet Child also looks at radically different cultures across the world and asks what they can teach us about the experiences children are exposed to today, in our technologically driven 21st century environment.

In episode two twin doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken set out to explore how we develop a sense of right and wrong and what makes one child well behaved and another naughty.

We meet seven-year-old Uuakhuihe, part of the Namibian Himba tribe, where children learn to toe the line from an early age.

Do Himba children have more self-restraint than British kids when faced with a test of temptation?

The van Tulleken’s bring a group of British under seven’s to London’s Covent Garden to complete a series of temptation tests. 5-year-old Yorkshire farming cousins Kieron and Rita tussle over some abandoned money, and seven-year-old Alfie and twins Taiya and Tyiana agonise over what to do, when they are left alone in a tantalising sweet shop.

Airdate: Wednesday 8 May 2019 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV

Season 1 Episode 2 (of 3)



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