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Play for Today: Clay, Smeddum and Greenden (S6EP18 BBC One 24 Feb 1976, Gerda Stevenson)



Clay, Smeddum and Greenden: A play based on three short stories about the Scottish people and their relationship with the land: “”Clay”” concerns a farmer’s obsession with his fields to the exclusion of his dying wife; “”Smeddum”” is about an indomitable woman and her large family; and “”Greenden”” tells the story of an unhappy woman from the city living with her indifferent husband in the country.

Cast: Gerda Stevenson (Rachel Galt), Victor Carin (Rob Galt), Leonard Maguire (Old Galt), Anne Kristen (Mrs Galt), Eileen McCallum (Meg Menzies), Fulton Mackay (Alec Webster), Bill Fraser (Murdoch), Bill Gavin (Doctor), Joan Fitzpatrick (Mrs Murdoch), Eileen McCallum (Meg Menzies), Robert Trotter (Will Menzies), Fulton Mackay (Alec Webster), Paul Kelly (Dod Menzies), Pauline Rae (Kathie Menzies As A Child), Neal Fidelo (Jim Menzies As A Child), Ruth Murray (Jeannie Menzies As A Child), Bill Gavin (Doctor), Angus Lennie (Minister), Bill Fraser (Murdoch), Joan Fitzpatrick (Mrs Murdoch), Bill Riddoch (Jock Menzies), Terry Cavers (Ag Grant), Maev Alexander (Kathie Menzies), Paul Young (John Robb), Graeme Greenhowe (Jim Menzies), Fiona Knowles (Jeannie Menzies), Denis Agnew (Clerk From Brechin), Claire Nielson (Ellen Simpson), Fulton Mackay (Alec Webster), Brian Cox (George Simpson), Isobel Gardner (Jeannie Murdoch), Joan Fitzpatrick (Mrs Murdoch), Bill Fraser (Murdoch)

Adapted by Bill Craig; based on novels by Lewis Grassic Gibbon; produced by Pharic Maclaren; directed by Moira Armstrong

Airdate: 24 Feb 1976 on BBC One

Series: Play for Today Season 6 Episode 18

Show Info: Play for Today is a British television anthology drama series, produced by the BBC and transmitted on BBC1 from 1970 to 1984.