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Play for Today: Love Letters on Blue Paper (S6EP19 BBC One 2 Mar 1976, Richard Pasco)



Love Letters on Blue Paper: Why has Sonia taken to writing letters to her husband, posted to him in the letter-box just outside their house -love letters, on blue paper, recalling with increasing vividness the early days of their courtship and marriage?

Cast: Richard Pasco (Maurice Stapleton), Patrick Troughton (Victor Marsden), Elizabeth Spriggs (Sonia Marsden), Christopher Driscoll (Trade Union Official), Brian Capron (Young Victor), Wendy Spriggs (Young Sonia)

Written by Arnold Wesker; produced by Graeme McDonald; directed by Waris Hussein

Airdate: 2 Mar 1976 on BBC One

Series: Play for Today Season 6 Episode 19

Show Info: Play for Today is a British television anthology drama series, produced by the BBC and transmitted on BBC1 from 1970 to 1984.