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Play for Today: The Peddler (S6EP22 BBC One 23 Mar 1976, John Hurt)



The Peddler: One pill, and you’re floating on air. A different one, and you’re full of lead. Married, mortgaged, broke, a love-affair gone sour-which drug can help Alec?

Cast: John Hurt (Alec Cassell), Deborah Norton (Doctor Rose Dane), Patricia England (Betty Cassell), Betty Hardy (Alec’s Mother), Leslie Dwyer (Alec’s Father), Bernard Hill (Graham), Rosalind Adams (Jill), Trevor T. Smith (Luke), Louise Jameson (Stella), Roshan Seth (Doctor Milma), Robin Wentworth (Doctor Mayne), Elisa Tomlinson (Elizabeth), Matthew Lacey (Young Alec), Kim Hartman (Receptionist), Ernest Jennings (Man in Waiting Room), Eileen Matthews (Woman in Waiting Room)

Written by E. A. Whitehead; produced by Graeme McDonald; directed by Claude Whatham

Airdate: 23 Mar 1976 on BBC One

Series: Play for Today Season 6 Episode 22

Show Info: Play for Today is a British television anthology drama series, produced by the BBC and transmitted on BBC1 from 1970 to 1984.