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Poldark: Episode 16 (S1EP16 BBC-1 18 Jan 1976, David Garfield)



Episode 16: Ross and Demelza’s marriage is on the verge of collapse thanks to his obsession with Elizabeth but Wheal Grace is found to be full of tin; Warv is then declared with France as events move to a climax with Ross fighting it out with Warleggan.

Episode Cast: Robin Ellis (Ross Poldark), Clive Francis (Francis Poldark), Norma Streader (Verity Poldark), Nicholas Selby (Nicholas Warleggan), Angharad Rees (Demelza), Judy Geeson (Caroline Penvenen), Ralph Bates (George Warleggan), Jill Townsend (Elizabeth Poldark), Milton Johns (Matthew Sanson), Mary Wimbush (Prudie), Paul Curran (Jud), Jonathan Newth (Captain Blamey), Christopher Benjamin (Sir Hugh), Stuart Doughty (Jim Carter), Forbes Collins (Zacky Martin), Sheelah Wilcocks (Mrs Tabb), Martin Read, Ann Davies, Pip Miller, Patrick Holt, Peter Miles, Peta Mason, David Garfield, Ralph Nossek, Adrian Shergold, Max Faulkner

Writer: Jack Russell / Director: Paul Annett

Airdate: 18 Jan 1976 on BBC-1

Series: Poldark Season 1 Episode 16

Show Info: Period drama series. In the 18th century Cornish Squire Ross Poldark returns home from America to find his estate in taters, putting things to rights he meets the fiery Demelza and crosses swords with the evil George Warleggan.