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Police Surgeon: Lag on the Run (S1EP3 ABC 24 Sep 1960, Harry H. Corbett)



Lag on the Run Brent turns ‘tec to solve a crime that a girl (obviously innocent) has confessed to committing.

Episode Cast: Ian Hendry (Dr Geoffrey Brent), John Warwick (Inspector Landon), Ingrid Hafner (Amanda Gibbs), Howard Daley (Police Constable), Olive McFarland, Harry H. Corbett, Annette Robertson, Patsy Smart, Ingrid Hafner, Rita Webb, Janet Davies, John Bosche

Writer: Julian Bond / Director: Don Leaver

Airdate: 24 Sep 1960 on ABC

Series: Police Surgeon Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: Crime drama series. The cases of London doctor & police surgeon Dr Geoffrey Brent. The cancellation of this show led to a new one being created for star Ian Hendry, The Avengers.