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Police Surgeon: Sunday Morning Story (S1EP8 ABC 5 Nov 1960, Donald Churchill)



Sunday Morning Story: Demelza, fighting her attraction to Hugh learns that Ross has been meeting Elizabeth and Reverend Whitworth’s domestic calm is about to be shattered.

Episode Cast: Ian Hendry (Dr Geoffrey Brent), John Warwick (Inspector Landon), Ingrid Hafner (Amanda Gibbs), Robert Pitt, Victor Charrington, Eddie Malin, Michael Harrison, Donald Churchill, Jean Anderson, Terence Knapp

Writer: Julian Bond / Director: Don Leaver

Airdate: 5 Nov 1960 on ABC

Series: Police Surgeon Season 1 Episode 8

Show Info: Crime drama series. The cases of London doctor & police surgeon Dr Geoffrey Brent. The cancellation of this show led to a new one being created for star Ian Hendry, The Avengers.