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Police Surgeon: The Bigger They Are (S1EP13 ABC 5 Dec 1960, Neil Wilson)




The Bigger They Are: Whilst helping an injured night watchman who has been attacked by crooks, Brent and Landon discover another injured man on the edge of a roof but are unsure whether he is with the crooks or not.

Episode Cast: Ian Hendry (Dr Geoffrey Brent), John Warwick (Inspector Landon), Ingrid Hafner (Amanda Gibbs), Neil Wilson (Police Constable Grayson), Michael Hawkins, Basil Beale, David Lander, Blaise Wyndham, James Culliford, Gerald Turner, John Gayford

Writer: Richard Harris / Director: Don Leaver

Airdate: 5 Dec 1960 on ABC

Series: Police Surgeon Season 1 Episode 13

Show Info: Crime drama series. The cases of London doctor & police surgeon Dr Geoffrey Brent. The cancellation of this show led to a new one being created for star Ian Hendry, The Avengers.