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Police Surgeon: You Won’t Feel A Thing (S1EP8 ABC 22 Oct 1960, Barry Keegan)



You Won’t Feel A Thing: Brent helps a girl, certain to die unless she receives an injection, overcome her fear of needles.

Episode Cast: Ian Hendry (Dr Geoffrey Brent), John Warwick (Inspector Landon), Ingrid Hafner (Amanda Gibbs), Patricia Mort (Nurse), Ivor Salter, Ann Gow, Verne Morgan, Mavis Ranson, Katherine Parr, Barry Keegan, Norman Mitchell, Charles Houston, Doug Robinson

Writer: Julian Bond / Director: Robert Hartford-Davis

Airdate: 22 Oct 1960 on ABC

Series: Police Surgeon Season 1 Episode 8

Show Info: Crime drama series. The cases of London doctor & police surgeon Dr Geoffrey Brent. The cancellation of this show led to a new one being created for star Ian Hendry, The Avengers.