The Professionals: Heroes (ITV 27 Jan 1978, with John Castle)

The Professionals Gordon Jackson

In Heroes an American politician John Jerry Patterson is in the country but, because of his inflamatory and bigoted attitude, there are lot of people who want him dead. Following an attack on his life an arrangement is made to get him out of the country. However it has to be hush hush and he poses as a security guard in an armoured car to get him to the airport safely. Things go badly wrong when the van is hijacked and Patterson is killed.

The scenes on the road as workmen hold up the traffic and the gang stage their robbery on the armoured car has more than a few echoes of Jean Luc Goddard’s weekend about it especially when several of the drivers decide to try and stop the robbers.

With one of the killers identified the race is on to track them down before they get out of the country but a newspaper prints the names and addresses of the witnesses. The witnesses then start coming under attack.

The always excellent John Castle is another CI5 agent, Tommy McCain, he is somewhat gung ho and it’s no surprise to see him almost fatally wounded in a shoot out near the end of the episode. Luan Peters makes a tiny typecast appearance as a lady in a cleavage revealing top driving a sports car during the armoured car raid and elderly character actor Ralph Michael is one of the witnesses whose life is threatened.

The episode is credited to James McAteer but this is a pseudonym for P.J. Hammond.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 27 January 1978

Writer: James McAteer / Director: William Brayne

Series: The Professionals Season 1 Episode 5

Gordon Jackson as George Cowley
Martin Shaw as Doyle
Lewis Collins as Bodie
John Castle as Tommy, CI5 Agent
Rufus Collins as Tin Can
Ralph Michael as Estate Car Driver
Dorothy White as Mrs. Lewis
Thomas Baptiste as Huntley
Damien Thomas as Raider
Robert McBain as Mr. Lewis
Jim McManus as Lorry Driver’s Mate
David Baron as Mr. Sumner
Chris Dillinger as Raider
Neil Kennedy as Raider
Luan Peters as Lady in Sports Car

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