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Public Eye: The Bankrupt (ITV 8 Nov 1972, Gareth Thomas, Ray Barrett)



Public Eye Season 6

New updated title sequence for the new season and a nice shot on location opening for season six’s first episode The Bankrupt with Frank getting a lift from hire car firm owner Tom Lewis who, played by Gareth Thomas, also appeared in season five only then he was called Briggs!

Frank has just lost a choice contract with a finance agent thanks to a client, the Rolls Royce driving Melville Hayden-Peters, that he performed a credit check on turning out to be a bankrupt and possible con-man. Hayden-Peters has also run up a large £1500 debt with Lewis who wants Frank to look at how he can get his money back.

It soon becomes clear that Hayden-Peters, played by Australian actor and Troubleshooters star Ray Barrett, is up to some sort of con.

“It never surprises me what people will do for money, what did you get out of it?” – Marker to Hayden-Peters solicitor Adams.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 8 November 1972 at 9.00pm

Writer: James Doran / Production Design: Allan Cameron / Director: James Gatward

Series: Public Eye Season 6 Episode 1

Alfred Burke as Frank Marker
Gareth Thomas as Tom Lewis
Ray Barrett as Melville Hayden-Peters
John Garvin as Clerk of the Court
Susan Macready as Sandra Hayden-Peters
Hugh Sullivan as Francis
John Gill as Adams
Leon Eagles as George Smith
Bernard Severn as Usher
Jeffrey Segal as Registrar
Cleo Sylvestre as Traffic warden
David Whitworth as Barman
Sally Watts as Adam’s Typist
Betty Duncan as Punter
Lindsay Campbell as Restaurant manager
Eric Dodson as Sheriff’s officer