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Public Eye: Lifer (ITV 10 Mar 1975, with Norman Bird)



In Lifer the somewhat eccentric Arthur Biddle asks Frank to look into the disappearance of his wife. She has been missing a week and Arthur is convinced that she has run off with factory worker Brian Stafford.

It quickly becomes clear that the real investigation Biddle wants Frank to undertake is tracking down Stafford and that he has own reasons. It turns out that Biddle’s wife cleared out years ago and Stafford has only just been released from Prison having served a life sentence for killing his girlfriend, who just happens to have been Arthur Biddle’s daughter.

In a tense third act Biddle takes Stafford back to the place where his daughter was murdered by Stafford.

Ultimately it’s quite a sad episode, Biddle never having been able to get over the death of his daughter and Stafford thinking that he deserves whatever Biddle dishes out to him. It’s an excellent script from the always dependable Bob Baker and Dave Martin. There is also a great performance by Norman Bird as Biddle.


The highly underrated and somewhat sexy Ingrid Hafner has a key role in the episode.

The gorgeous Ingrid Hafner plays Stafford’s case worker Kay Price, she had a semi-regular role in The Main Chance around this time.

classic quote
“I think he’s out looking for Stafford and it won’t take him long to find him because I told him where he lives.”

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 10 March 1975 at 9.00pm

Writers: Bob Baker, Dave Martin / Production Design: Eric Shedden / Director: David Wickes

Series: Public Eye Season 7 Episode 10

Alfred Burke as Frank Marker
Norman Bird as Arthur Biddle
Ingrid Hafner as Kay Price
Tony Calvin as Brian Stafford
Marcia Warren as Waitress
Malya Woolf as Mrs Lisle
Eamonn Boyce as Chef
Antony Carrick as Chief Inspector Davis