Public Eye: Take No For An Answer (ITV 17 Mar 1975, with Richard Pearson)

In Take No For An Answer Frank has had his electricity supply cut off thanks to the late payment of a bill, something giving him great trouble as he can’t even boil the kettle to make a cup of his beloved tea. Luckily he has a case to distract him whilst he waits for the supply to be reconnected. Young Rosemary Jenks is convinced that her father, the chief clerk at a largish company, has gotten himself in trouble.

He has of course. He is being blackmailed by stationary supplier Carter (played by Stephen Yardley) who is making him buy excessive amounts of carbon paper after Jenks stupidly forged his bosses signature on a cheque the first time Carter placed an order. Jenks ordered 200 sheets but Carter deliberately sent 200 boxes and Jenks was too worried about the fallout to send the order back.

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Interesting to see that Frank is using his former associate Ron Gash’s registered number to run a credit check on Carter. Ron Gash also pays a surprise visit to Frank letting him know that Carter is trying to “fit him up” via an old police contact.

Frank thinks he has come up with a solution and talks to Jenks’s boss Graham but it doesn’t go quite as he planned. Jenks gets the sack and his boss starts fraud proceedings against him.

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Jenks’ boss is played by Michael Turner who had just had a starring role in the final season of New Scotland Yard.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 17 March 1975 at 9.00pm

Writer: Roger Marshall / Production Design: Bill Palmer / Director: Kim Mills

Series: Public Eye Season 7 Episode 11

Alfred Burke as Frank Marker
Richard Pearson as Jenks
Sara Aimson as Rosemary
Marjie Lawrence as Barbara
Stephen Yardley as Carter
Michael Turner as Graham
Delena Kidd as Paula
Peter Childs as Gash

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