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Public Eye: What’s To Become Of Us (ITV 10 Feb 1975, with Stephanie Turner)



In What’s To Become Of Us Frank is asked by a Mr Hooper to track his errant, much younger wife Julia. Ron Gash believes Hooper is something of a wealthy eccentric but the longer Frank works for him the more he thinks he is actually penniless. It turns out that Hooper is something of a fantasist, is flat broke. He isn’t actually married to Julia (although he was in a relationship with her) and knew where she was all the time.

Marker’s associate Ron Gash also has his hands full with Mrs Grahame, a lady of property who is having trouble with one of her tenants and clearly fancies her chances with Ron.

Like several times before, Frank, who is clearly itching for change, spots a likely new office whilst on his travels. This time a former TV aeriel shop (Apollo Aerials) near a railway station. It’s clear that he is getting a little tired working alongside Gash. Frank is an intrinsic loner and that’s how he likes it. Frank and Gash both agree that it’s probably time for Frank to go back to working solo but end their “loose arrangement” on surprisingly good terms. Once again Gash shows that he genuinely does seem to like Frank.

There’s an excellent little twist towards the end too that sees Hooper end up with man-eater Mrs Grahame after they meet up in Gash and Frank’s office.

classic quote
“There he stood, wearing his misery like a halo.”

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 10 February 1975 at 9.00pm

Writer: Richard Harris / Production Design: Norman Garwood / Director: Douglas Camfield

Series: Public Eye Season 7 Episode 6

Alfred Burke as Frank Marker
Peter Childs as Ron Gash
Rosemarie Dunham as Mrs Grahame
John Woodnutt as Mr Hooper
Stephanie Turner as Julia