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Public Morals: A Fine Line (TNT 25 Aug 2015 with Edward Burns)



SERIES PREMIERE: “A Fine Line” – TNT – Tuesday, August 25, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) – TV-MA-LV 

In early 1960s, New York City, Officer Terry Muldoon runs the Public Morals Division, a plainclothes unit of the NYPD whose job it is to police vice crimes such as gambling and prostitution. Muldoon juggles various situations, including warning his gangster uncle Mr. O not to challenge the head of the west side Irish Mob and schooling the new recruit Shea how the division actually works. Muldoon also struggles to raise his family in the increasingly violent Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, disciplining his 13 year-old son when he acts up at school. Muldoon’s partner Bullman develops a soft spot for a beautiful high-end call girl after Bullman and Muldoon arrest her for solicitation.

Written and Directed by Edward Burns
Created by Edward Burns

Edward Burns as Officer Terry Muldoon
Michael Rapaport as Officer Charlie Bullman
Elizabeth Masucci as Christine Muldoon
Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Lt. King
Wass M. Stevens as Vince Latucci
Keith Nobbs as Pat Duffy
Austin Stowell as Sean O’Bannon
Patrick Murney as Petey “Mac” McKenna
Katrina Bowden as Fortune
Lyndon Smith as Deirdre
Brian Wiles as Jimmy Shea