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Raised By Wolves 5/6: Little Orphan Mannie (Channel 4 13 Apr with Philip Jackson)



UK / Channel 4 – Big Talk Prods / 1×30 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 13 April 2015 @ 10.00pm

Writers: Caitlin and Caroline Moran / Director: Ian Fitzgibbon

Series: Raised by Wolves / Season 1 Episode 5

Della and the kids rescue a distraught Grampy in the aftermath of a family bereavement. With little in the way of comfort coming from his wife, Della decides to take Grampy into the family home. As the funeral nears, Grampy’s lack of suitable footwear forces Della to venture into her mother’s sinister inner sanctum with Aretha, where they are faced with her unusual family memorabilia.

Meanwhile, Germaine tries out various ways to deal with her grief, eventually hitting upon an effective but characteristically inappropriate one, involving a highly respected broadcaster. Grampy’s grief takes him to the edge of reason and in the aftermath of the funeral the Garrys discovers that Shit Nan has counter-attacked…

Rebekah Stanton as Della
Philip Jackson as Grampy
Helen Monks as Germaine
Alexa Davies as Aretha



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