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Raised By Wolves: Mehmesis (Channel 4 30 Mar 2015 with Erin Kellyman)



UK / Channel 4 – Big Talk / 1×30 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 30 March 2015 at 10.00pm

Writers: Caitlin and Caroline Moran / Director: Ian Fitzgibbon

Series: Raised by Wolves / Season 1 Episode 3

In a Wolverhampton heatwave, cousin Cathy arrives at the Garry family home. With her tales of the outside world and legs that look good in shorts, she becomes the centre of attention, catching the eye of Germaine’s would-be boyfriend, local yob Lee.

In the grip of overwhelming jealousy, Germaine sets out on a course that quickly spirals out of control. Della, meanwhile is attempting self-sufficiency, to reduce her massive food bill, but is having trouble policing her vegetable borders and has to call on a reluctant Grampy for help.

Philip Jackson as Grampy
Rebekah Staton as Della
Helen Monks as Germaine
Alexa Davies as Aretha
Molly Risker as Yoko
Caden Ellis Wall as Wyatt
Erin Freeman as Mariah
Kaine Zajaz as Lee Rhind
Theo Johnson as Callum 1
Brandon Fellows as Callum 2
Erin Kellyman as Cathy



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