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Raised By Wolves: Virtual Faith (S1EP3 HBO Max 3 Sep 2020)



Picture of Raised By Wolves Virtual Faith.

Virtual Faith: After the Mithraic kids fall sick, Campion believes Mother is poisoning them and plans an escape. As Mother and Father attempt to prove otherwise, Marcus and Sue work to convince the other surviving Mithraic to mount a rescue of the children, desperate to get their son Paul back.

guest cast
Awissi Lakou as Voreena
Kelsey Egan as Mithraic Soldier #8
Steve Wall as Ambrose
Ingvild Lakou as Varlac
Lee-Shane Booysen as VFX Creature Performer #1
Susan Danford as Justina
Clayton Evertson as Dorian
Loulou Taylor as Cassia
Litha Bam as Bartok

Director: Luke Scott
Co-Producer: Chris Cheramie
Consulting Producer: Abby Ex
Unit Production Manager: Jon Kuyper
Second Assistant Director: Isabel Martens
Director of Photography: Ross Emery
Production Design: Tom McCullagh
Editor: Michael Ruscio
Line Producer: Cheryl Eatock

Original Airdate: 3 Sep 2020 on HBO Max
Series: Raised By Wolves Season 1 Episode 3