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Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased): My Late Lamented Friend and Partner (Series Premiere ITV 21 Sep 1969)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

My Late Lamented Friend and Partner: In the pilot episode Marty Hopkirk is murdered by the husband of a client but returns as a ghost to help Jeff bring the man responsible for his murder to justice.

Mike Pratt as Jeff Randall
Kenneth Cope as Marty Hopkirk
Annette Andre as Jeannie Hopkirk
Frank Windsor as John Sorrensen
Dolores Mantez as Happy Lee
Harry Locke as Night Porter
Ronald Lacey as Beatnik
Anne Sharp as Fay Sorrensen
Anthony Sagar as Hotel Proprietor
Harold Innocent as Assassin
James Donnelly as Detective
Tom Chatto as Doctor
Makki Marseilles as Manservant
Dave Carter as Electrician

Director: Cyril Frankel
Writers: Ralph Smart

Airdate: 21 September 1969

Season 1, Episode 1