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Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased): The Ghost who Saved the Bank at Monte Carlo (S1EP11 ITV Sun 30 Nov 1969, with Brian Blessed)



The Ghost who Saved the Bank at Monte Carlo: Marty’s Aunt Clara hires Jeff as a bodyguard for a trip to Monte Carlo where she plans to win £100,000 on her self-devised gambling system. Closely followed and watched by several different gangs they only lose their would-be robbers by Marty manipulating the final game of roulette losing the money.

Mike Pratt as Jeff Randall
Kenneth Cope as Marty Hopkirk
Annette Andre as Jeannie Hopkirk
Mary Merrall as Clara Faringham
Brian Blessed as Jim Lawsey
Veronica Carlson as Suzanne
John Sharp as Sagran
Nicholas Courtney as Max
Roger Delgado as Tapiro
Roger Croucher as Terry
Nicolas Chagrin as Andre
Clive Cazes as Claude
Michael Forrest as Verrier
Hans De Vries as Hibert
Colin Vancao as French Croupier

Director: Jeremy Summers
Writers: Tony Williamson

Airdate: Sunday 30 November 1969

Season 1, Episode 11