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Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased): The House on Haunted Hill (S1EP9 ITV Sun 16 Nov 1969, with Jeremy Burnham)



The House on Haunted Hill: Jeff investigates a diamond theft in which the manager is implicated who threatens Jeff to lie about his investigation. Whilst also investigating a haunting at a country manor in turns out the diamond gang are using it as a hideout. NOTE:- Jeannie Hopkirk, (Annette Andre), does not appear in this episode.

Mike Pratt as Jeff Randall
Kenneth Cope as Marty Hopkirk
Judith Arthy as Jennifer
Jeremy Burnham as Walter Previss
Peter Jones as Frederick P. Waller
Dermot Kelly as Henry Mace Horsfall
Duncan Lamont as Langford
Keith Buckley as Lattimer
George A. Cooper as Webster
Garfield Morgan as Carlson
William Kendall as Col. Jarrett
Carol Rachelle as Miss James
David Sinclair as Smith
John Kidd as Simpson
Terry Duggan as Jackson

Director: Ray Austin
Writer: Tony Williamson

Airdate: Sunday 16 November 1969

Season 1, Episode 9